You Would Have Loved It Here


This is the

     Coffeehouse Metaphor

             Words for the West Coast and the

                 Girls in their new twiney haircuts ala 1967

                   The way that the sun has ended and

                         The moon has risen over the pink mountains

                            after a day of hiding under the ocean so blue

                                  and you – you are behind it – left behind

                                    Trans Hippy Express ride West

                                         Catch the Coast Surprise –

                                                Hello Sunshine

                                                            Goodbye Rainy days..

                                                            I love you – in the ways that you

                                                                        are so unsure

                                                                           In this West Coast Metaphor

                                                                                    For You

                                                                                    This is the Meta For You

                                                                                     For Me and

                                                                                    Everything that reminds me of

California again.


You would have liked it here

This pseudo East Coast loss of mind and happiness too.

You would have wanted to leave – me behind here

     So that you could no longer see me when you

went out into the high altitude cool summer nights.

  Your eyes slunk in floating ice cubes in

      the cool intellectual seas of your half-smiling face

       I would have loved you to come here and

Experience it too – You would have wanted

to see the European parts of town –

small little corner coffee houses and smoke

   swirling mystery places where the night

skirts in between the days to settle for

a short sleep only to be wakened by

Perfect sun rise mornings over peaks

of haunted desire that I hard in your

Quiet goodbyes over long distance callings

   That I have tried to reach you from for so

    many years.   You would have

Told me how you have learned to appreciate

these people without emotional disorders

living with your mate for ten years

But I wonder – don’t you feel

sometimes invaded by his spiritlessness

Too much like him and not

enough like you…. or don’t

you even notice…..  You

would have liked it here – I would have been

Your West Coast Novelist – sipping mocha chocolate

    all night while you wondered if I really

could write – if I really could hear you

If I really could love you,

again. You would have loved it here.


Brett Simpson - 1996

California Writings

Copyright © 1996 by Brett A. Simpson, All Rights Reserved, World Rights Reserved