Of the World


All of the books

  of the world

   Scattered and tattered covers

     Ripped and thrown against

       Walls cemented

           on to your mind.


This is where they end up.

   Always from San Francisco

        or Berkeley

               From the library

                     of Thomas Smithington

                He never left a mark

                     as he turned the pages

                   Now, I will leave all of my

                     Marks and words between

                           words between the covers –

                                between the night

                                   and the moon

                                  Two pages folded in

                                        on a bookhound.


Now the night is

   hot black coffee

       Tight against my ears

            and nicotine stains

                on my fingers like an addict,

               I stop to taste it –

                    and your lips roll over

                        my mind again.

                  Tomorrow I’ll hit another store

                          and a Metaphor Café

                                  in California, turned over,

                                   ripened by the words rolled

                                       around – between – beside you

                                               heaven in my ears –

                                                         Sweet Rhymes


     Poems and novels,

            novellas and plays

                 passions and parlance

                   in a place of deep love and diamonds

                      All of the places of the books

                          of the World.


Brett Simpson - 1996

California Writings

Copyright © 1996 by Brett A. Simpson, All Rights Reserved, World Rights Reserved