Days Gone By

The moon is staring

with it’s full eye tonight

at the hope of finding the truth

In the crackerbox sky.

I sit silly and whisper to

forever - 


     of love and days

       days, days gone by


Sweet moon in your

holy brightness – do you

   remember the nights that

I ran to you

      open armed with

           love on my shoulder

            and tears in my eyes

       just to be near you?

            days, days, days

                 gone by again.


Where does it go?

   have you hidden it behind you

   so quickly, so kindly trying to

      show as your beauty?

        or are you happy to let it go,

           forever into your silly web

               into your empty sad demise?


    Into your days, days, days

     gone by again,

      and I sit lonely and weep

            for one more day

                away from you, because

                    you are the lonely-suitor – outside

                        the metaphor – gone by


Brett Simpson - 1996

California Writings

Copyright © 1996 by Brett A. Simpson, All Rights Reserved, World Rights Reserved