B.E.W. - Growing Wings (age 2 months)

If You are a Poet
If you are a poet
you move to San Francisco
to live like a lyricist
and invent new religions,
or to hear poetry on the radio

If you are a poet
you speak in non-sequiters
or in rhyming couplets
like Nipsey Russell
or one of his distributors

If you are a poet
you challenge reality
by taking drugs and drinking alcohol
you die an unknown addict
full of lines and disease

If you are a poet
you live in a trash dumpster
and eat from the back of chain
restaurants that dispose of
edible garbage and fresh beer

If you are a poet
You do not follow conventions
created by anyone else or
set forth in idiotic symmetries
as blatant and pedantic as these

Brett Emmerson Wyatt - 1991

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