B.E.W. - a troubled past (20 years old)

1001 Lines
A textbook has a thousand lines
How many lines must a poet have
To erase the tears from his heart
or wipe the wrinkles from his eyes

Shelley was only 29 and Keats 25
Dead before the public could
see their bounteous visions of truth,
beauty and political alibis

No, look at them seriously - lovers
of high degree - Priests to the underworld.
Sanctimonious Elvis - Rock and Roll poets
Miles ahead of their time and each other

A dark vision from the swinging lantern
Hail to its hypnotic revelry
The night is quick in passing
Sacred in disguise and haunting on return

A poet has a thousand lines
How many lines must a lover have
To close the holes in his heart
or forget the dreams in his eyes.

1992 - Brett Wyatt

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