B.E.W. - Marlis at Indianapolis Art Museum

The Belly Of The Sky
You feed me strawberries
 	and chocolate in high style
     from the red canvas director’s chair
 	of life
Waiting patiently for me to reveal
	My sex and pride
	My humble desire
	From within	
		The belly of the sky

My heart pumped black ink
	Onto the pages of life
	Clumsy and lustful
	for your pointed breasts
	and candid remarks of fashion and inherited lips
	Red and Glossy
	On a smile that raised the sun
		from behind the curtain of night
	Into the belly of the sky

Sailing on metaphors and mysteries
	of East Coast hieroglyphics
	You, happy to be christened
	The charmed angel or
		The Enchantress - Either Or
	Each to Each
		One Title per page
	You smiled finally
	Taking my lever of perfection
		Up and over
		Up and Into
		The belly of the sky.
Brett Emmerson Wyatt - c. 1994

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